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Blacksmith Display

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Here is a blacksmith display we put together a year or two ago. It features a US WW II era portable forge, small US anvil, a US one bushel coal bag (made at Jeffersonville Depot), the canvas accessories case for the Schaller forge, a couple of pack mule supply chests and a few other items. None of the hand tools are actual US issue, but we added them to the display. It is on exhibit at the Museum of the Soldier, Inc. Portland, IN.

Thanks for looking,






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Glad you guys "forged" ahead with the display. Looks good!


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Could you give a close up of the markings on the anvil?


Hello, I know it has "US" on one side, but I'm not sure if it has any other markings. I'll check it and report back. It would be interesting if it did say Vulcan!

Thanks for the comments.


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Very creative display!




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