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All That Glitters… Gold Medals

Adam R

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Recently I acquired an extensive Massachusetts Volunteer Militia shooting medal group that includes three beautiful gold medals. The most desirable is the Distinguished Marksman badge but all three are works of art. I thought they would make a good starting point for a thread on the subject of “gold medals”. (Unfortunately gold is a difficult metal to photograph when it’s highly polished.)


The first ten medals are from my collection. The others are ones that I photographed in museums or private collections. Please post any photos that you have.


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Society of Santiago and Military Order of Foreign Wars to a US Army officer who was KIA in the Philippines in 1901.




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A Nicaraguan decoration that was awarded to a few Marines who served in that country in the late 1920s and early 30. Probably made in the USA. Marked on the rim 14k.



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Here is the one gold medal that I own...not really a medal per se, but sort of fits the bill.


This is an award presented for an essay on Morgan S. Gilmer UCV (United Confederate Veterans).


The reverse of the medal says:





Hassie E. Terrell

A. C. C.



Morgan S. Gilmer was a student at the University of Alabama that left the university to go and fight for the Confederacy. After the war, he became a legend in Alabama and organized a group of children, the sons and daughters of Confederate veterans and named them the "Yaller-Hammers". Yaller-Hammers was the nickname of Alabama soldiers during the war. A.C.C. stands for Alabama Charter Chapter, the first chapter of the UDC in Alabama.


Hassie E. Terrell was from the Montgomery area of Alabama, and she eventually married a man named Charles Hixon, who became a professor of engineering at what is now Auburn University. Hassie Terrell passed away in 1931.



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