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HGU-26/P Craigslist score

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Great find and price! I'll bet you had no problem finding room in your luggage to get that home, eh? :)


I need to start looking at Craigslist around here...




I have a rolling bag I take with me on business trips that is larger than I need and thick enough for a flight helmet without other bags crushing it. I pack it light so there is always room for a flight helmet if I find one - which I do about 50% of the time.


Once I bought 4 flight helmets and a bunch of gear from a Marine A-4 pilot when I was in Dallas on business. I brought some of the gear home in my bag but the rest of it I had to have the UPS store ship home for me!

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You lucky dog! The A-10 pilots were wearing those when I was with the 81 TFW from 82-84, I would love to find one for my collection especially at that price. You'd have been a fool to pass that up!

Speaking of finding ways to get stuff home, I was in Colorado Springs a few months back and picked up a KB-2 drogue chute for a MiG-21 at a great price. Had to buy a rolling duffel bag to get it home, but it was worth the cost. When there's a will, there will always be a way!

Cheers! M2

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Nice helmet and nice price. I once found a MA-2 torso harness with all the fittings and the rigger pocket mods to it in AZ for dirt cheap at that the time, was 75 bucks and they were always selling for 350 then. I put it in my carry on backpack, I thought for sure TSA was gonna give me hell for it and swipe it.


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