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I have a complet parachute that i bought from a collector in belgium and its from the 1949 so korean war i think?

There is no label on the parachute so i'm a little in the dark with this chute.

Have seen pictures with this harness from pilots who flew P-80 shooting star but i'm not sure so need some info PLEASE...






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The parachute assy. appears to be from the early Korean War era. Could have been used in the F-86 Sabre and possibly the F-51 Mustang because it is a back style chute. I believe the F-80, T-33, and F-84 from this time used a seat style parachute. Not sure about the F-94 Starfire. I have seen

photos in the Squadron/Signal Publications books with this type of harness used by F-86 pilots. Come to think of it, the white cotton harness could have been used during WWII also? This assy. could have been upgraded with a nylon back container. The harness was later made in olive drab, still used during the early Korean War period.

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