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British Import Pattern 1821 Light Cavalry Saber

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I didn't post this initially because I wasn't sure it was appropriate for this forum, but after exchanging some private messages with forum member/moderator SARGE I'm pleased to show one of my latest finds:




It's a British Pattern 1821 light cavalry saber of the type used during the Charge of the Light Brigade, but this one is devoid of manufacturer or government markings, indicating it was made for export. It could have been made in England but there were also manufacturers in Solingen, Germany, producing this sword. They were imported by both sides during the War Between the States. The Tiffany cavalry saber is virtually identical except for the markings and could even have been made by the same manufacturer. Unfortunately, without markings it's impossible to determine exactly when and by whom it was used, but I do know this one came from an estate here in Virginia.

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I've gone over this saber very closely but the only markings I can find are the number 8 stamped into the ricasso and what appears to be a smaller 8 stamped in the leather grip. The scabbard is completely unmarked.




I suppose these markings could just be a unit designation or a rack number but the one on the ricasso appears very well done. If anyone can provide further information on the sword or the markings I'd be very appreciative!

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This is an old post but I'm bumping it to see if anyone knows anything about the figure "8" marking on the ricasso.  Does anyone have any idea where this was made and when?

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