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USN MK3Mod0 Knives

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Here are two versions of what is often sold on Ebay as "Navy Seal Knife." The earlier MK3 has a much slender point, but the point was susceptible to breaking so the second version was shaped more like the M9 bayonet (although I don't know if that was the actual model used). I'm not sure of the date the change was made. These are not hard to find, and shouldn't cost more than $50 or so in good condition (although on Ebay you can see them for $75 or more). I'm curious if these were really issued to Seal Teams, so if anyone can confirm, it would be appreciated.




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According to an excellent article by Frank Trzaska on these knives, the modification to the point was made in 1994, but not sent to the maker (Ontario Knife) until 2000 and not actually made until 2001.


Here are some comments that I have found on this knife:


Although this knife was adopted for general use in the Navy, it is most commonly associated with the SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) teams, the Navy Special Operations Force. The Mk 3 MOD 0 (sometimes called the Diving/Survival Knife) is the SEALs issue knife during BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL). This knife is also used by Reconnaissance Marines (FMF Recon and MarDiv Recon) at the Combatant Divers Course in Panama City, Florida.


One website quotes a SEAL stating: There are two knives and ONLY two knives that the SEALs are officially issued from the Navy. One is a ceremonial Ka-Bar that has the trident stamped on the blade, and his SQT class # and the name of a fallen SEAL on the other side. These are ceremonial and not used in battle. The second is a US Navy MK3 mod 0 diving/survival knife. This knife is rarely if ever carried into battle. It is heavy and cumbersome and unneeded dead weight to a SEAL. Most SEALs carry knives of their own choice that they purchase, and used more like a tool such as cutting para-cord, etc than for combat. I've seen SEALs carry, Gerber, CRKT, and even Leatherman's as their knife of choice. Most of the time it's a small cheap tactical folder.


Other uses include the survival vests in the Aviation Life support equipment, and have been issued as part of the USMC EOD kits.


And just for those who just have to have every variation (this one with the early style point):





Ribbons 07-14


Please click here to read the tributes to Gary:




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I like these knives and have one of the older style pointed blade. I have always wondered why the modified newer and beefier blade was still marked "MK3 MOD 0" ?


Wouldn't a completely different blade be marked "MK3 MOD 1"


Just wondering.






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38 minutes ago, Misfit 45 said:

I collect US bayonets, but I have a few military  knives.  I have always loved the look of this knife, great cool factor.  I don't think you'll find them too often for $50 anymore.



Occasionally, but usually $60-70 (often without the scabbard however) except for the ebay folks that over price everything.


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My brother in law was issued one of the early narrow point version when he was a USCG rescue swimmer in the early-mid 1980's. He gave me that knife when he retired a few years ago. I still have it in my collection. Since the commercially sold Mk 3 Mod 0 knives were marked exactly the same as the issue knives, you need provenance to establish a particular example was in fact a military issued knife.

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