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I have been offered the following flying suits and parachute torsos at the prices listed below.

Can anyone tell me what these things actually are?

Also, are these prices what they are worth?

The guy's father worked for a company that made aviation clothing and he has a whole boat load of this stuff.

These are all Mint in package and never used.

I am far from an expert on flight suits but these prices seem kind of high to me.

Any help would be appreciated.


Flying Suits - Coveralls, Flying, Summer, Fire Resistant, High Temperature Resistant (Polyamide) - AS2351 - Type CS/FRP 1 - CWU-31/P Contract #N00156-70-C-2074 of Pioneer Recovery Systems Inc., Landseair Research Division (Foster Co.), & Martin Lane Co. Sizes 42L, 42R, 36R(2), Med. Short - Color ~Green = $150.00 Each times 5

The "uncommon" Silver 44R by Landseair - Contract #N156-37916 = $160.00

Parachute Torsos - (Full Torso Suits, not just straps) In their "original carrying bags." By Switlik Co. - Intergrated Torso Harnesses MA-2, Spec.# MID-S19089, Stock# RD 1670-856-4310-L800

Med.Larg. (2) ~Green with their bags (same color) = $80.00 Each times 2

" " (2) ~Green in their original boxes = $80.00 Each times 2

Med. Reg. (1) -Silver in its silver bag = $90.00


Notes: Green Flying Suits date 1967 &1968 (Vietnam)

Green Para Harnesses date 1968

with some of the manufacturing dates 1953

All New Items



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-The CS/FRP-1 suits were used by the USN/USMC and sometimes by the US Army. In my opinion, size 44 and larger are harder to find. Prices seem high.


-Not sure what the silver one is. Could be the USN/USMC early fire resistant or nuclear flash protective suit? Harder to find than the standard flight

suits. Price alright?.


-The USN/USMC MA-2 torso parachute harnesses with upper chest Rocket Jet or Koch parachute riser fittings and lower lap belt Rocket Jet or Koch

fittings are much more desirable than ones without the fittings. Large and XL are harder to find. I have never seen a silver MA-2 harness. There are

ones in white for the nuclear reflective flight gear outfit. There are harder to find than the standard MA-2 harnesses. Prices alright if they have the

fittings. The silver one probably priced alright.

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