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Cigar Box Full

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I had a cigar box full of insignia walk into the shop. Some 1950's and it goes much earlier from there.


5 DI's I'm going to need some help IDing them.

WW1 US collar brass

Several Wings, Observer and collar brass

Liberty Bond pins

WW2 Silver Star

Buttons of varying ages, I need some help on those also

WW2 Chief Petty Officer rank

WW2 Insignia ID book dated 1943

USAAF ring, very heavy and marked sterling

4th AAF patch

Mine Craft Crewman patch

A couple of property tags

Finally a 28th ID sweetheart piece.



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Here are the DI's.


I did ID the 38th FA DI the other four I'm unsure of.


The "Attack to Defend" is multipart construction unmarked and has WW2 clutch backs


Fortitude and Courage is made by Meyer newer clutch back but not to modern


The two on the card are Ira Green




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Here is a close up on the buttons and wings.


One is a USN cuff button but I don't know what era


The one with the B on it I'm unsure if it is military or not. Two piece stamped brass and says Superior Quality on the reverse.


The other with Eagle and shield is also two piece construction brass on steel and is unmarked.


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Attack to Defend....35th Fighter Group/35th Pursuit Group


In Omnia Paratus....176th Infantry


Fortitude and Courage...314 Infantry

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