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M1 Helmet, Hawley liner, cammo paint and ID'd to 70th Infantry ?

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Well I finally received the helmet.

It is named, but not to the last owner of the house of which it was found in.

It is a nice early fixed-bail helmet with Hawley liner and Lt. bars on both parts.

There is a laundry number is above the name and it looks like 9577

Name looks like one of the following, Beayq, Beayo, Beard or Beayd.

I have searched the following web site with no luck, and I look at ancestry.com. The enlistment site is mostly for enlisted troops, not officers.




The name Ann is also painted inside the liner.


One thing to note is the Lt. bar is brazen or soldered on, no holes were drilled through the shell. On the inside, you can see old rust and a burn area from the heat when it was applied.






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That is what my 55 year old eyes see as well. Beard with 9577.

Now I just have to find a laundry list or officers serial number that matches.


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Dirt Detective

What a great helmet....I forget where I found this pic but it looks like it could be the same type camo pattern.



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That is a very nice photo. I have been searching everyplace for something like that to show up.

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