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WWII folding briefing room seats?


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I found these the other day, there were several sets. They are made by the Irwin Seating Co. I'm just guessing WWII, because of the gray metal, design, and olive drab seat material. But also the fact they were at an auction of AAF items from a B-17 bomber group.


Any ideas of what they were for? Thanks.



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They look like theater seats, which could in fact have been used in a briefing room. Irwin appears to be perhaps the largest theater seat maker and dates back long before WWII. A search of Google images might turn up a similar pair with a date. Here's a similar set in red velvet.




The Navy has "ready rooms" on carriers and they use custom-made chairs that looked pretty much the same in 1942 and 1972. Here's one:



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The Navy ready room chairs are recliners with folding tables (plotting boards) and a drawer underneath the seat.


I found one photo of a "modern" USAF ready room and it uses traditional theater seating.




I would think that such seating, bolted to the floor as it is, would be used only at stateside bases.

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