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Help with WWI service record abbreviation "Award M C C"

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Attached is a copy of my grandfathers service record card with the notation "Awarded M C C" at the bottom.


His other records indicate he participated in the Cambrai campaign as part of the 11th Engineers.


Can anyone help with what the MCC stands for. Greatly appreciated as I have search the internet for hours.....






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could just be Victory " Medal Cambria Campaign"

Pvt. James H. Honey 1st Md. Eastern shore Vol. Inf. Co. D (union) Gettysburg
Pvt. George Eddie Lear 26th Inf. Co.H 1st Div .(WW1) P.H. WIA Cpl. Richard Elsea 268th C.A. Bn. Battery A. WW2 SSgt. Grant Elsea 314th Inf. Hq.Co. I.R.79thDiv. WW2
Cpl. Harry Lawrence Butler Jr 23rd Regt. WIA Korea Lt. George Olin Tilghman 111th MG. 29th Div. WW1 DIS France 1919

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It could be an abbreviation for an award of the Meritorious Service Citation Certificate (MSCC). The recipient of an MSCC could have applied to have it converted to a Purple Heart after 1932. You will need to see if an award card exists at the NPRC in St. Louis. Good luck.


Semper Fi,

Bruce Linz




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