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A8 or A9 Helmet?

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Hi guys,


I recently discovered this Flying Helmet in my collection. According to the label attached inside, its official designation is A-8. However, looking in various reference books (and the Internet), it looks like an A-9 to me. Any thoughts from people? Did someone at the factory goof when attaching the labels, or?


Thoughts and advice gratefully received.






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Looks like an A-8....I believe the A-8 or A-8 modified had the cut out near the chin strap/drawstrings for the oxygen mask

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I agree with Phantomfixer. Nice to see a "basic" A-8 without the additional snaps and ear-cups etc. which were routinely added at unit level as new O2 masks and comms gear became available.

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Specimen flight helmet has been modified to closely resemble the A-9. However, the A-9 had one fixed and one buckle chin strap.plus all the hooks as seen on the modified A-8. I don't recall seeing a data tag specifying "Mod A-8" which would account for simply using the "A-8" tag. Jack

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