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first pattern M1 camo cover... original?

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please a seller has for sale this camo cover, please, in your opinion is it a ww2 original cover? Is it normal that the stitching tip is so high? And what is the correct price?


Thank you in advanced




please stay away from this ... I don't even find a name for such an ugly thing :blink:



Collecting USMC AEF 1917-18 & PTO 1941-45, US Navy PTO 1941-45.


Most seeked items : USMC dog tags from 1915 to 1945, USN corpsman dog tags and other identified items, USN id'd M1 helmets.




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Made from Shelter Half canvas; stitching all wrong.

I hope this guy didn't ruin a good Shelter Half making this thing.

Support our troops...abandoning the War on Terror is not an affordable luxury.

I'm so old, I still call W.W.II U.S. militaria "war surplus".


God's blessings in the Name of our Lord Jesus- Jim Robertson

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M-1 Helmet with USMC cloth Camo Cover. Early fixed bail, front-seam helmet. The lot number under the brim is “56A”, a very early lot number. There is a slight dent on front of the helmet. The number “8” is stenciled on the front and rear of the helmet approx. ¾” tall, in red, and there is a red dot approx. ¼” round at the very top of the helmet. I would like to know the purpose of these numbers and dot. The liner was made by Westinghouse. It has the unpainted “A” washers holding the web support straps within it. The leather brow strap is a replacement, and the nape strap is absent. The liner chinstrap has blackened steel fittings, and the rivets are marked “DOT”, which I understand is of post-war manufacture. Is the cloth frog skin camo cover a first pattern cover? There are random cuts in the cloth. On the sand side the double stitching that runs from front to rear has nicely parallel lines, and each stitch has a double thread look. On the jungle side these stitches appear as two single thread stitch. The stitch edging on the cover flaps are as follows; on the sand side it appears as triangles with open tops, and on the jungle side the top stitching is closed. The EGA stencil on both sides of the cover on the stitched seam, but on opposite ends of the seam from one another. This suggests to me that this helmet was used after WW2. The cover has rust marks, which correspond to the rust on the helmet edging particularly the brow, as well as other rust stains randomly overall. An early fixed bail, front seam helmet. I think the liner chinstrap is Korean War vintage. I wish this helmet could talk. It is an early WW2 steel pot with odd red markings, but with features that suggest Korean War use. I would be interested to know what others think.


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