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Important Reminder...E-Mail - All Members Please Read


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We would like to remind our members to make sure the email address linked to their USMF account is still valid. About a month ago we had some trouble with the forum email server, and thanks to our host it was fixed. However we found that several members were not getting their USMF notifications delivered by email. In sorting that out we found that a good number of members (particularly those who registered on USMF several years ago) had email addresses which are no longer valid. The bottom line is that you won't get notifications if your email address has expired. This is very important, because you won't be able to unlock your account if you forget your password unless your USMF account email address is valid.


Please check the email address your account is linked to and if it is no longer valid, update it. If you need help updating it, send a Personal Message to one of the USMF ADMINISTRATORS and we will help you. We ask for your cooperation in this, as it helps us better serve you (the members) when you are having trouble with your account.




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