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USMC ERDL / Tigerstripe prototype / testing uniform


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I also post photos of very interesting experimental USMC RDF pattern uniform with vertical tiger stripe overprint. The coat and pants have straight pockets and are identical to later produced straight pocket RDF (ERDL) pattern uniforms 1978-1982 used mainly by USMC and some Army units in 1980s. Only difference is tiger stripe overprint and different fabric (twill) used for production. Interesting fact is that cut pattern of uniform with straight pockets is dated 1975, but mass production was started 1978, of course without tiger stripe overprint scheme and in different fabric. Any additional info welcomed.


A ) Coat, hot weather, combat camouflage, Model E - 1975 dated

B ) Trousers, hot weather, combat camouflage, Model E - 1975 dated


1) Coat, hot weather, combat camouflage, Model E - 1975 dated







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Cap Camouflage Pattern I

Better late than never. This was a pattern used at Fort Hood in the summer of 1975 in the MASSTER Phase II Camouflage Test.


Here is an excerpt from "Support to MASSTER Phase II Camouflage Test" by F.J. Rizzo, A.O. Ramsley, A.M. Campbell, W.B. Bushnell, B.A. Natsios, A. Merola, G. Kidder for Natick Research and Development Command, April 1976:


e. Disruptive Patterned Camouflage

Based on observations in Phase I of certain foreign uniforms, it. was agreed by participants in the test that a variation in pattern design from the 4-color pattern should also be considered. The pattern selected was one made by printing the black portion of the "Tiger" pattern (see 4.f.) oriented in a vertical direction over the standard 4-color 1948 pattern. This resulted in a darker total effect than other uniforms, as is shown in Figure A5. The 4-color patterned fabric, all cotton sateen approximately 290 g/m2 , was withdrawn from general stock and over printed with the same black formulation used in the expansion series described in 4.d. (see Appendix C.2


The image in the report is been obliterated by repeated scannings, but he as far as I can tell this photo that was used. I have had to resize it due to forum file size limitations, here you can view it in full resolution.


Figure A. 5. Disruptive and Tiger Patterns Left: Disruptive patterned uniform, standard reversible helmet cover, experimental face paint. Right: Tiger patterned uniform, standard reversible helmet cover, standard face paint.



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Had never seen this experimental pattern before. Thanks for posting!


The dark vertical striping sort of reminds me of the All Season All Terrain (ASAT) pattern that was marketed to hunters in the 1990s- and (a quick google search revealed they are still selling it.). Somewhere I remember seeing pictures of military folks wearing this pattern, most likely some sort of trials that didn’t go anywhere, I think the pictures were from the late 1980s or earlier 1990s.

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