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ID cap insignia


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I've attached a photo of my Great Uncle at Camp Claiborne in 1942. I'm trying to see what the insignia is on his cap. To me it almost looks Regimental.? Any help is appreciated.




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A little back story. He was in the Minnesota National Guard prier to 1941. In 1941 those members went to the 34th ID and they went into three regiments 133rd, 135th, and the 168th IR's.


But the loose story is, he injured his ankle in basic while at Camp Claiborne and was deemed unfit for combat duty. Became an MP. One uncle says he was in England and another says he was in Japan. I Know from digging through his trunk as a kid he had stuff from the Pacific Islands.

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Hi Christopher,


It looks like there's a DUI (Distinct Unit Insignia) on his cap however, it does not look like the DUI for and of the 133rd, 135th or 168th IRs. That's based on the basic shape and the colours/patterns I can make out.


Maybe post the pic in the DUI subforum for better response. Even better, if you can post a half clear larger version of the DUI it would further help.




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