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Brown ERDL Utility


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Hi everyone !!


I came here for a friend of mine, who need some info about this uniforme (see picture below). He got it many years ago, but isn't sure if this uniform was from the late years of the Vietnam war or just a post-war uniform. There is no tag Inside for an eventual identification.


Maybe someone has alredy talked about the same topic, but I didn't find the answer in the forum. So I'll ask you again and because I don't have a good knowledge on camouflage uniformes !!


By advance thank you for your help !! ;)

(and sorry for my bad english)





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It is post-war. The ones made during the war had slanted breast pockets. After about 1975 or so came the so-called RDF camo, which was more subdued than the war-era ERDL. It did not have slant pockets and the camo elements were not as skinny as in the ERDL pattern. That was followed by the similar looking woodland camo pattern that was in use until not too many years ago.


- Vietnam era ERDL - white labels and slant pockets on the shirts, zippers on the pants

- RDF ERDL - white labels and straight pockets, buttons on the pants

- Woodland - green labels

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Hi .


This is a VERY nice suit.

Correct patches.

Soft Utility cotton.

Tested in 72.

I would have that in my collection in a heart beat.



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It has been on the forum before. I remember them saying that it is really rare.


Kammo-man is the one to listen to on these items.

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It should be in the pinned camo section under uniforms.

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Hi, i have similar pants from 1972 and woodland shirt from 1970



label should be like this:





best regards

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Hi !!


I come back to you with this question.


Where and when those uniform were worn and if is there some pictures of the uniform, used during active service ?? :huh:


Thank you in advance !! ;)

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Where and when those uniform were worn...


The so-called RDF ERDL (Rapid Deployment Force) camo was made from 1975 to 1981.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but this looks exactly like brown dominant erdl and not rdf camo. It looks like custom tailored erdl made into sateens/0g-107 style jacket hanse the straight pockets.

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