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USMC ERDL prototype / testing uniform


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So here I post photos of very interesting experimental USMC ERDL uniform. The coat is very similar to USMC P1956 / P1958 pattern coat. The trousers have later added side pockets. Has anyone more photos from testing or any other info?


1) Coat, combat, tropical (MC)

2) Trousers, combat, tropical (MC)


I also attach BW picture of similar coat, but also with lower pockets.




1) Coat, made of 100% cotton ERDL material







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Today I picked up a pair of HBT ERDL trousers. I haven't taken any photos yet, but between the drawstrings at the ankles, the side adjustment tabs and the button fly, they don't seem like anything made for commercial use. There are no labels, just some unreadable black ink stamps.

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