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Another mistery pouch

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Sometime on ebay appear really odd pouches and this one is not an exception. It could be everything, a carbine mag pouch modified for compass use, a pouch for spare part (but they usually have glove snaps) or God knows what else. I have no idea of dimension and this one is the only pic present in the ad. Markings are GENERAL SHIRT CO. 1945.



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Looks like it has been shortened. Could have been a shortened USM1 30rd clip X4 pouch but the date 1945 seems to be a wee early to be one.



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This could be the standard M-1 carbine magazine pouch shortened or just produced shorter to hold the 5 round match carbine magazines. I picked up a couple last week that were in a regular sized carbine pouch and I thought "wonder if they ever made a shortened pouch for these?" This may be the answer to my question privately done or produced.

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