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442 RCT Medic Group


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Here's a group of items I picked up at an estate sale a couple of years ago. I walked into the house and was astounded to see a footlocker full of military items sitting in the middle of the living room floor. One of the first things I noticed was a rare bullion 442 patch. Natually I kept digging. The items found belonged to Mitsuo Kawamoto, a medic assigned to the 3rd Bn., 442nd RCT. He apparently stayed in the Army and was stationed in Japan when the Korean War broke out. There was a Korean Service and United Nations ribbon in his effects. At this time he was no longer a medic but serving as a cook. He appears to have retired some time in the '60's.


Below are some of the items found including a scarve with a chain-stitched 442 insignia. The two D.I.'s were obtained elsewhere. One is an Italian made version given to me by a 442 Vet I used to work with.




Here's a t-shirt of Company D, 171st Inf. Bn. The 171st was a 442 component.




Here's some miscellaneous stuff, including a pair of original issue dark glasses.




A close-up showing his name written inside a couple of the booklets. The French phrase book has "T/5 M. Kawamoto...3rd Bn Medics 442 Inf"



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T/5 Mitsuo Kawamoto is listed on the roster of the Medical Detachment, 442RCT, page 411 of John Tsukano's book "Bridge of Love".

His award of the CMB and of the Distinguised Unit Badge follow his name.

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