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WWI Navy Yeomanette Jacket Find

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Is this a Yeoman (F) skirt? I got this in a large lot of WW1 material from an old collection. I have never seen one but it seems to fit the descriptions I've read. Unfortunately it was stored badly and has some pretty good fading issues but isn't torn up, ripped or have any similar damage.


It is a WW1 era women's uniform skirt. Without USN or USNR buttons it is probably not for a Yeoman (F).


Many organizations wore dark blue uniforms during WW1 to include, YMCA, American Red Cross, American Library Association, United States Shipping Board, National Catholic Women, etc. This could be any of those and being generic, may be difficult to nail down specifically.


the skirts are found less frequently than the jackets and being generic, could be displayed with any dark blue WW1 women's uniform jacket (the pockets would be covered by the skirts of the jacket).


It is still a very hard to find skirt and could be carefully re-dyed.




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