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R100 radio receiver question


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I have the chance to pick up this R100 radio receiver...it powers up but no reception..ie plug it in, lights up but no static when tuning etc...

sorry for the bad pick can get better pics if needed

question is...I sit worth 65.00 to try and fix it or is it better left unmolested and use static...would love to have it humming...I read these were used by troops as "moral radios"

cabinet is in ok condition some minor flaking...


what do you think??



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I'd love to see more pictures. How big is it and what does the case look like? Are you saying you can buy it for $65. or fix it for $65.? It looks interesting and I'd certainly buy it for $65.

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will get more pics in a few...but I can get it for 65.00 then whatever parts I might need



but it is about 18 inches long and maybe 10-12 inches high and 10 inches deep about...it is in a store up North...

All the dials are present...cord is in good shape...and the internals are all there...no missing tubes that I can see from a quick glance...

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Was able to get it for 60.00...the tubes light up...hums a little but no reception...looks like the stock/original antenna wire is atill hooked up was stuffed inside the radio...unspooled it, stilll no reception....anyway...



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I used to have one of those. I was not too impressed with it. It uses some relatively hard to get tubes.

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Best thing to do is watch one of the Youtube videos on how to convert it to take inputs from an MP3 player of phone

Great score for what you paid, they're very popular among re-enactors

Tom Bowers

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I have one which I got with the guts pretty well shot but the outside looked good.







it occurred to me that even if I could get it working again (doubtful) then what would I tune in?


I decided to remove the ancient old internals and fitted in a MP3 player with power source plus a pair of powered speakers with a gel cell battery with enough reserve to last me an entire weekend living history event.




It really has become a favorite piece of my display - drawing people and enchanting the older vets and their spouses who occasionally dance to their favorite song for days gone by!


It's can be rather emotional at that point so to top if off - I always offer the lady a Hershey Bar (modern & fresh) for showing the young folks how to "cut a rug" like they did back then.


That's when it really is ..... PRICELESS!

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