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vietnam war airfield storage containers

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hi folks, i have a issue that perhaps some of our former bluesuiters could answer, which is what color were the storage containers painted, my buddy say they were camo but i think that they were mostly od green, thanks in advance, for any help on this, (a steak dinner at texas roadhouse is in the balance on this). ( mods , feel free to move this if i put it in the wrong place, thanks) --J.

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Ubiquitous CONEX contaner-used, reused, and modified for every use one could possibly imagine, including living quarters, offices, you name it.


We had one we used as a jail for miscreant CIDG. Others buried for use as bunkers. Endless other uses.


Basic color was OD green, though.

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To add to SFMike's qoute Another use in a combat environment when used as bunkers was as Tactical Operations Centers or TOCs as they were commonly called, also Artillery Fire Direction Centers or FDCs as they were commonly called. In example, in March 1971 Fire Support Base Mary Ann of the Americal Division used CONEX's.


Those not familiar with this debacle.



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