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Korean War (Chosin Reservior) battle flag


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I just got this today. This flag belonged to my good friend Williard "Bill" Donovan. At 20 years of age he was the Platoon sergeant of 4th Platoon, Love Company 31st Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division. He went to Japan with the division and from there to Korea, Inchon/Seoul and finally the Chosin Reservoir. This is the battle flag he carried with him to Korea. Bill was medivac's from Hagaru-ri on 3 Dec 1950 with three wounds and frozen feet and hands. while recovering in the hospital, he wrote this on the flag.


Bill passed away in 2010 and our mutual friend had been taking care of his property and estate when she came across the flag that Bill had framed at some point and, since Bill and I were good friends, she wanted me to be its caretaker. She and her family came to DC from Michigan this weekend and I took them to see Bill's final resting place at Arlington Cemetery. She \had brought the framed flag with her and presented it to me At the cemetery. I am deeply honored to be the custodian of this piece of history.


I tried to post pictures but it doesn't seem to allow me to do so. Perhaps if I post them as separate replies it will work....worth a try.


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Well....no picture would display but when I actually posted it, one of the pictures showed up....odd, that. I'll try posting the second picture here and will keep my fingers crossed. A


Again, it didn't show up while I was replying. hopefully the picture will appear when I actually make the post.




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Bill, thanks for posting and what a great item. I'm sure you're aware of the story of the entrapment and the breakout. I'm interested in what the text is in the frame, please post if you can!



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