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Question on WW2 USMC name stamping


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Hello everyone. I have what I believe to be a Marine p41 fatigue jacket which is marked with the name "Lou Schwager" in several places. I am trying to research the marine who would have worn this but haven't got an exact match. When I searched the muster rolls on ancestry I found several Schwagers but no "Lou" or "Louis." The closest I found was a Luther.


My question is this; were the name stamps always there given name or could shorthand or abbreviated names be used. Specifically could Luther have gone by Lou on his equipment or would that be a complete no-go. Thanks in advance.



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Also, I have never seen the white paint used before. Would that and the size help narrow down the years this was worn?

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The name stencil is on the back which is regulation for WWII era placement (but it was done sometimes post war too) so I would believe it was done in the WWII era. There are also a few WWII named jackets that have stamps above the pocket and it seems your jacket exhibits both, although this was the norm in 1946ish-1950's. I've seen nicknames in large name stamps like that but as for how they are produced, I don't know. I doubt the Marine Corps handed out abbreviated name stamps, so maybe this Marine crafted his out of an existing one..


As for the painted name, it's not necessarily the norm but it was done. Hope this helps, and great jacket by the way :)



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Thanks FSBE. I appreciate the info.

I'll keep looking for a "Lou" but until then it will be unidentified. I have another one with a name but haven't has any luck there either. Schwager isn't that common of a name so hopefully I'll stumble into something.

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