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The combined Marksman Sharpshooter Badge

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These are strange pieces. If sharpshooter was higher than marksman, why would the individual care if he maintained the marksman bar? I have one myself, and I believe a portrait of a Marine wearing it in the 1900s

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Hi Brig,


It could have just been a matter of "bling". You have to admit that the combined badge looks pretty impressive when worn on a uniform, especially to the non-military observer! They were unofficial, but there was a mention in Emerson's book that militia members or "citizen soldiers could often wear such federal recognition in addition to state badges". And this might explain the initial production of the combination badges.


stucky, not sure if that were the case as far as additional pay for having both badges, though we know that weapon proficiency did indeed come with additional pay, so perhaps? We'll probably never know the whole story behind these unusual badges.


My best wishes to you both!


Happy New Year!



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Just bringing this back up

Received new medal the other day and thought I would post it

This person was in for quite awhile

Looks like his skills were up and down based on the years he missed making Sharpshooter




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