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10th Mountain Division plaque on Mt Rainier


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I hadn't been up to the Paradise visitor center at Mt Rainier in a few years and never when this memorial wasn't covered in snow.

Been wanting to get this photo for years, and yesterday was a great day to get it...


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If you go, it's at the Paradise Visitor Center, up the main trail, maybe 1/4 mile up. Just ask at the information desk, they know exactly where it is.

if there's snow on the ground, you probably won't find it.

FYI, my wife has lung issues and couldn't make it all the way up there, as it was over 5000ft elevation and the trail was pretty steep, so keep that in mind.


I'll have to let my friend who lives near Mt. Rainier about this as his dad was in the 10th Mt. during WWII.


I got some good high-resolution shots if anyone wants.

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