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Cool WWII US early war 5 LBS Grease can


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.I found this neat WWII 1942 dated early war silver 5 lbs can of medium graphite grease as my collection grows of these WWII US military grease cans. This is half the size of a 1 Gal. paint can.


I see the 1 LBS cans of late war (44) OD dated grease cans for small jobs but never see these larger types cans like in the late war OD dated cans the same goes for the 1 LBS cans in the early silver cans I have yet to see them? due to the fact that the Military recognized that they needed a better and faster way for grease maintenance to all military vehicles and towed as well?


The Military in WWII approached Lincoln industrial company early war and come up with the automatic grease gun systems eliminating these small 5 lbs grease cans to go with the larger 55 gallon drums so it's cool how these cans tell the story.




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