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Unknown Jump Wing Oval

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The photo reference of ovals that I have accumulated identifies this oval as having some sort of connection with the Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia. I don't know if it was the cadre or maybe riggers at the school that wore this oval. Here is a mint oval that I think pretty much matches your oval in shape, color and construction.





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I've always considered this oval to be a generic as it doesn't have the characteristic two colors seen by most unit affiliated ovals. Being light blue, it follows that it would be worn by an infantryman and there were a number of soldiers who graduated from the parachute school who went into the replacement pool. Ovals were very popular as they really highlighted the wing and made it stand out on the uniform.


This is a nice example, and I have had a few show up in vets' groupings, but I have never gotten a specific unit ID from a veteran.



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