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Col. Colvill & the 1st Minnesota - Cannon Falls, Minn.


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Colonel William Colvill was one of the commanders of the 1st Minnesota in the Civil War, he is well known in Civil War history, as is the 1st Minnesota, mostly for what they did at Gettysburg.


The 1st Minnesota has quite a history of service, their lineage has extended to what is now the 135th Infantry Regiment of the 34th Division, with war time service from the Civil War through Afghanistan.


Colonel Colvill is buried in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, just south of the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, there is a monument to both him and the 1st Minnesota in the Cannon Falls Cemetery on the east end of town on Highway 19.


I thought members might like to see the monument.









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I've driven by Cannon Falls dozens of times, and yet have never visited Colvill's gravesite. Shame on me. I will definitely be stopping to see it the next time I'm in the area. The Minnesota Military Museum in Camp Ripley had a "Minnesota and the Civil War" exhibit up for the last four years, and on display was the largest known surviving piece of the US National flag carried in the charge at Gettysburg. It measures about 8" X 12" and is a true treasure for the State of Minnesota. (It was cut up into hundreds of pieces after the Civil War by members of the Regiment who wanted to take a souvenir home to Minnesota!)

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