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WWII USMC-WR White Summer Uniform

US Victory Museum

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US Victory Museum

A recent acquisition to my collection.


This is a USMC-WR White Summer Uniform. It requires a small amount of restoration, as it

came without the buttons or collar insignia. I had the pocket and epaulet buttons already; however,

I will have to locate the correct WWII era gilt buttons for the blouse closure.


I already have the correct green cap and purse to accompany it; however, I didn't dig them out

at the time I took the photos.


This uniform is TINY!!!!!!


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US Victory Museum



I shall restore it to its correct appearance for display purposes; however, I shall be sticking to

the green cap, which I already have, as opposed to the dress white hat which was allowed for

a very brief period of time.





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Wonderful that you are restoring the uniform! I would love to see pictures when you are finished. You have an amazing collection!






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