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USMC WWII Overseas Caps


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I purchased a box full of garrison caps and I am unfamiliar with USMC items but I thought these might be USMC and WWII. The upper left cap is heavy wool, almost felt. Non of the hats have labels only the hat size, one is named. The upper right cap could be Army but it is a different color than a normal Army cap. It does not have an embroidered hole but it looks like it may have had a hole for a USMC insignia. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Not sure about the hbt cap. Any comments would be appreciated.






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Sgt. Boghots

I either own, or have owned examples of all of these overseas caps, attributable to specific Marines. The top two have the distinct upturned fronts. The bottom left has a frequently seen upturned fold, distinct to Marines. The HBT has the upturned fold also, but squared on the bottom.


I've owned 3 HBT USMC caps. All slightly different. None of mine still or maybe ever had QM tags, but came with documented USMC uniform groups and or groupings. The ones I've had have been both horizontal & vertical pattern in their HBT. The one I kept is more squared top and bottom in shape, like an Army cap, and the HBT is vertical like the lower right cap. But, it was tucked inside a Japanese Army helmet, and in the remaining seabag effects of a Marine.


Best regards to all,



Klamath Falls, Oregon



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