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martin-baker harness? german air force F-104 pilot?


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I found this harnes from Martin-Baker with german discriptions on it.

Can anybody recognize this or have experience with this as a US version of the harness?

They told me that its for a luftwaffe F-104 starfighter pilot???



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Is there a date of manufacture on the harness? Could be for Mark 5 or Mark 7 non U.S. Martin-Baker configured seat. I will have to take a look at my

MBEU Mark 5 manual to see if there is a harness to seat cross reference chart. I believe that this type of harness stays with the seat and is not worn

to and from the aircraft.

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The typical so-called "combined" harness for Martin-Baker seats being meant for European use - Not sure 100% for what airplane, could be in this instance for Italian-made G-91 fighter-bombers (each country would then have made its own sub-variant of minor items).


What is certain, nothing to do with any US-made versions of the harness, moreover not even existing so configured as for its basic concept. The very few US planes utilizing Martin-Baker seats, have always relied on a risers system wich calls for a personal pilot's harness ("torso harness") being worn out of the cockpit - not different from those for U.S.-made ACES seats.

Aviators sitting on M.B. seats intended for European models (F-104G & S, all the Mirages, Tornadoes, Lightnings, British F-4, Buccaneer, G-91, Jaguars, etc.) do not wear this harness out of the cockpit. In this, similar to the Russian PSU-36 "combined" harness for the KM-1M seats of MiG-21, -23, -25, -29, Su-27 etc.

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