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3d Infantry Division Plaque - and - Air Corps Locket

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Two items I picked up this weekend which I'm particularly fond of.


First is a very small gold-colored locket with Army Air Corps branch insignia on it. I've not seen one of these before (of course I never really went out of my way seeking them). I have several decorative pillow cases generally bought by the troops as souvenirs, and so I assume that this item might be another one of those souvenirs as well?


My wife seemed to think that the face of this locket has mother of pearl. I don't know what metal it is, nor if there is any precious metal to it.


Inside is a photo of a man in uniform.





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This second item is really cool.


Its a hand-made plaque from the 3d Infantry Division. I'm not sure if this was something made for the Soldier named on it, or if was an item he made for himself.





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