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Bomber Flight Crew Protective Helmet


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Picked this up inexpensively this weekend. Outside is ok, while the inside has rust. Personally, I'm not one who wants my militaria to be in pristine condition. If they are that's cool ... if not, no biggie with me.


(We lived in Belgium when I was a kid. As a 13 year old beginning collector, I let a WW2 German Fallschirmjager pass through my fingers ... could have had it for about $6 - I had money from weekly allowance and for mowing lawns. I passed on the helmet because it had been spray painted purple and pink ... I think it had been used for a time as a motorcycle helmet. I still stew over this decision!)



I've seen these in movies and photos, but never held one in my hands before. For $60 I'm pleased to have it.







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