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Anyone have a non USMC 30 round .45 ammunition pouch?


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Years ago I saw a 1942 dated 3 cell 30rd .45 magazine pouch. Does anyone have one or a photo. I also have several MTO veterans tell me the wore them in 1943 but now everyone is telling me that ALL of them has faulty memory and that I am mistaken of their exitence. Any help would be appreciated.


Chris Fischer

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I have never seen one. I do not think they ever existed unless in an experimental capacity.

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is this what you are looking for? it is a repro


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The 30-rd. Mag was introduced in the very last part of 1942. From all I can gather, the 30-Rd. Magazine Case (below) was designed specifically for carrying these, but this Bag was replaced by the larger-capacity General Purpose Ammo Bag in '43.


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