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When did it start?

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Okay I've got a two quick questions...

1. When did the U.S. Navy/Marines begin going to the 1/2 inch ribbon bars?

and 2. When did the plastic coating process on the U.S. Navy/Marines ribbons begin?

Thanks for your time and consideration,



"The Galloping Ghost of the North African Coast"

TC1c James F. Dunigan, III
Gunnery Division 4, U.S.S. Savannah, CL-42

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In June 1908 the Navy Department established the first regulation for ribbon bars at 5/16 inch. This was in use until the late 1930's when the Navy increased the size to 1/2 inch. The Army changed the size of their ribbons by the start of WWII to 3/8 inch. The National Security Act of 1947 tried to set standards for all the services, and in April 1948 the Navy adopted the 3/8 inch. In October 1951 all US Armed Forces were to be wearing the 3/8 inch. Of course, the changes didn't happen overnight, and some personnel may have worn a non-standard size at any time, even post-1951 if they didn't get called on it. Photos of Army personnel wearing 1/2 inch ribbons in the WWII period are common.

I don't know about the regulations on plastic coating or impregnating ribbons with foreign materials. Hopefully someone else has the standards.



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