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The life preserver and cranial helmet are usually worn by flight deck personnel aboard aircraft carriers and ships. The white

color represents: squadron plane inspectors, Landing Signal Officers (LSO), Air Transfer Officer (ATO), Liquid Oxygen crews

(LOX), safety inspectors, and medical personnel. The other colors include: blue, brown, green, purple, red, and yellow.

I believe the cranial (without communications) is designated HGU-25/P. The HGU stands for Head Gear Unit. The goggles appear

to be the Sun Wind Dust version, probably with a date of 1974. The goggles could be fitted with a clear lens also. The Velcro

square on the cranial is for the SDU-5/E or MS-2000 strobe light. I believe there are other contents for the life preserver

such as a dye marker packet and whistle, etc. In my opinion, I believe the life preserver is worth more if there are squadron

markings, etc. on the back and the cranial was a version with communications installed. The cranial with goggles could be worth

$25.00-$75.00 and the life preserver $35.00 to $100.00 in the condition shown. Larger sizes could bring more money also.

Hope this helps.

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