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USMC Machine Gun Co. Tunic: What a Shame......

Eric Queen

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Good Morning All,<br /> <br />I wish to write the final chapter on this thread.  First, I wish to extend my apologies to DUKE (although I don't know you), I feel your grief, as I was a player in this grouping as well.  I purchased the tunic, as well as the rest of the grouping from this dealer, it was not an easy journey.<br /> <br />Day 1 of the auction, I eBay messaged him, called left message, and texted.  It was several days, before he responded.  My intentions was to end auction, and I made offer on tunic, he agreed.  He then proceeded to tell me about the other stuff.  I made offer on that as well, but in the beginning he wanted to piece out everything, and he would let me know.  In all honesty, he really had no knowledge of this group, but thought he had won the lottery.  I explained to him he wasn't gong to be able to retire off this group.  He purchased the group from the family in Sparks, NV., Prendergast final hometown.<br /> <br />I put in his head, it all about the history, and from my perspective it is......  I obviously paid too much for this grouping, but to me it wasn't "about the money", it was about preserving the integrity of the group.  To him, I feel it was "about the money".......What are the chances of a 4th Brigade virgin grouping coming out of the closet?  I'm sure there are still a few still out there, but are few and far between.  I felt it was my duty to this Marine's honor, to secure and preserve the integrity of this group.  It's unfortunate that many collectors and dealers see the $, not the history.  Many can tell you the dollar amount, but not the history.<br /> <br />Well then I made agreement to end auction, and purchase group.  I sent deposit, balance being sent upon stopping of auction.  IT NEVER ENDED.......  I called, texted to no avail.  I finally got up with him on phone, 14 hours prior to auction end, he swore he was ending it immediately.  I received a text 2 hours later stating he wasn't going to end auction.  He also stated " I low balled him", and if I wanted tunic, I'd have to bid on it.  I demanded refund of deposit, or I wouldn't bid.  I received refund 4 hours prior to auction close, he was being evasive.  He said I should bid on tunic, and if I won, he would sell the rest of the group to me.<br /> <br />A few hours leading up to the end of the auction, he was texting a few pictures of the rest of the group.  (Visor cap, some ega's), that's all I knew, other than him telling me there were medals?, paperwork, litho, 2 more pictures of Prendergast, pants, wallet, etc.  I have not seen pictures of the rest, so somewhat a blind purchase.  As we see, he obliviously had sold the wallet to Bay State, (He's working off good margins), as well as the ega collar disk.  I really have no idea what I'm getting, but if left the state of NV last night.  39 lbs of something, hopefully 95% of the group is intact, unless he cherry picked it prior to shipping.  We shall see.<br /> <br />Back to the auction, I won, once again he agreed to sell me rest of group, and was going to bed, would close deal mid morning following day.  By noon I hadn't heard from him, so I called.  He stated he had sold rest of group to someone else????  I'm like what????  You have made 3 agreements with me this past week, and broken them all.  I was past pissed, and wished I was near NV, I live in NC.  He later texted me that evening, offering the group to me, but of course it was going to cost me more money, but I couldn't refuse, once again to me it was about the history, and I had already purchased the tunic.  The deal was closed for the 4th time.  Of course I waited 2 days for it to actually get shipped, I was wondering if that would occur at all.<br /> <br />I do wish to apologize Duke, it wasn't my intention to step on anyone's feet, we all probably felt we were exclusive to the deal, I have no idea to whom else he made deals with as well.  If there's any solace, it may not be going to the best home, but for the most part it's going to the same home.  My intention is to honor Cpl. Prendergast, and the group will stay intact under my watch.  In the event I ever let it go, I will contact you first, Duke.  I'm sorry. <br /> <br />Many of this group have commented negatively about the condition of this group, but it is what it is.  I think it's a fantastic group somewhat untouched.  As stated earlier, it is "All about the history".  I'd rather have a mothed tunic with ID, than a mint tunic with no history.  It's not about the $.<br /> <br />I will continue my research of Prendergast, and enlist the help of any member of this group.  I will create a new thread with this grouping, once it arrives.  I have constructed his family tree on Ancestry, and this is what I have found thus far.<br /> <br />John Joseph Prendergast born 4 Mar 1895 in Gympie Queen, Australia, Died 7 Jan 1978. His father died early, and his mother remarried and moved to England. His family came to the US in 1911 settling in Inyo, California. He joined the Corps Joined 20 Feb 1918, training at Mare Island, CA. He joined 8th MG Company, 5th Marines June 21, 1918. Oct 1-9, Operations Champaigne Sector, Promoted PFC Oct. 17th, 1918, Promoted Cpl. June 1, 1919. Discharged from MC March 1922. After the war, he returned to Inyo, CA, got married and moved to Sparks, NV where he spent the rest of his life, employed by the railroad. He did loose some fingers in a railroad accident in the 40's.<br /><br />If anyone has any rosters or history of the 8th MG Co. and are willing to share, all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you and Semper Fi.<br />

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Well, all I can say is that every collector looks at things differently and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. I hope the group is what you hope it is when you finally receive it.


I think I have the only known original group photo of the 8th Company taken in Germany and I am sure Pendergast is in there somewhere.

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Too Much WW1 Militaria



I'd take everything you have from this bag of dirt seller and report the whole thing to e-bay AFTER you have it all in your possession. I've never commented on anyone on there badly before, but this guy, well....... And, congrats for (hopefully) keeping everything together! He sounds like a guy who would keep things that you've already paid for.


Just my .02



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John, I will report this sleaze, once it's in my hands... A week and half of touch and go with this guy. And I don't doubt he was overwhelmed, but no excuse how he made deals with multiple people, but damn sure he doesn't have enough honor to even handle this Marines group. Shipping receipt say 39lbs. Hope it's not all rocks.

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Thanks Guys, Eric there is suppose to be a yard long photo of the 8th in this group, hence "suppose".


That would be awesome if there was. Now THAT would be worth getting. Worth 5 X the uniform IMO.

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Eric, he said there was, but that it's been rolled up, and crackled, assuming it's crazed as he probably handled incorrectly. I'll post contents providing it arrives. We shall see.

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Hey Chris


First, no hard feelings. It's collecting and we can't win every action. My problem isn't losing the items it's just the slimy, and dishonest way in which this bottom feeder "Jay" or Sierratacklemaster operates. Your post above only underscores my belief that he was bidding us against each other. I have no doubt that he was referring to me when he said he had already "sold the other items" and your complaint likely caused him to back out of our agreement.


I will say this, I doubt you will get "everything". One remark he said to me over and over was that "nobody else knows I have this other stuff so I'll sell it to you regardless of who wins the auction". This later changed in the last few hours of the auction (roughly the same time you got your refund) to "bid on the jacket and I'll sell you everything even if you don't win".


The day the auction closed he did tell me to go ahead and send my payment. But then he started saying that he was "keeping" other items back. He wanted to keep he small postcards, association cards, and some other photos as well as the French CdG document. He seemed to think it's worth a mint. I sent an email listing everything he had agreed to sell me and that's when he became very evasive. He obviously wanted to take my money then not include everything.... What a guy.


The "yard long" he referred to is actually the photo of the 8th MG Co taken by Antrim in Germany in 1918. It has three large cracks running top to bottom with the right half partially separated. Regardless, it's a rare photo and could probably be saved by a knowledgeable framer/conservationist.


This is what I know he has and had agreed to sell me:

-Bell Crown named to Prendergast (scattered mothing on the top)

-German Iron Cross 2nd Class, German "Gott mit Uns" belt buckle with damage (likely bring backs)

-EGAs for the Bell Crown (he has one for sale now on eBay)

-Victory Ribbon with stars and other ribbons in the photo

-Wallet/Cigarette case with Pendergast's initials

-French CdG document for the 6th Regiment (curious since he was with the 5th)

-Two smaller citations for the 8th MG Co

-Good Conduct Medal letter from HQMC with the medal number

-Promotion warrant to Cpl dated 1918 and AEF. Prendergast position was listed as "Blacksmith" again, curious

-Two 8x10 photos, large one of him sitting as in the action and another of him standing wearing bell crown

-USMC WW1 Service Cert

-Various smaller photos, post cards, association cards etc


Other observations:


He lied and said he never had the collar discs but obviously he did, as he sold them


Said the wallet that is for sale at Bay State was not part of the group. It obviously was.


Has a watch fob, cap EGA, and discharge button on eBay now that came with the lot.


He has the P1917 pants and a red cross knitted sleeveless sweater


He also has several other items such as a WW1 USMC pilow sham, discharge buttons


I also believe he may have his Blues and Blue Bell crown and overseas cap.


He stripped the ribbons and collar EGA discs from the coat, I also think he's the one who destroyed the patch by trying to remove it but this is just a guess on my part based on his stripping of the other elements.


The main thing I pressed him on was about the possibility of a painted helmet and his medals. He initially replied that yes, there were both. When I told him what the rough value of these items would be (retail, not low-ball) he changed his tune and said that he "didn't remember", would "have to check", and finally "no this is it". Given his problem with the truth and honesty in general, Im pretty sure he has them, or knows where they are.


Don't get me wrong, I don't fault the guy for selling it...or even breaking it up, although not my preference. Lots of people buy and sell militaria. I get that not everyone is as passionate about the history as collectors. Heck even we sell stuff from time to time to finance other things...but the way this seller went about this entire process is just disgusting. I'm glad it's all going to someone who will appreciate it (even if it's not me) and is away from this slimy clown.


Chris, when you have the items in hand, let me know. I have already written a formal complaint to eBay and included his emails and texts promising to sell the other items if I bid on the tunic. Although eBay will likely not care it's worth a shot.


I also have pics so when you get the items we can compare and see what's missing.

Did you also get the footlocker???

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Hey Duke,

My apologies again. WOW, I didn't receive a detailed list such as you received. My intention completely, was for him to put the stuff back in the footlocker in it's entirety, and ship. And yes to your question on footlocker, that's probably 15lbs of the 39lbs. I honestly received only 3 pictures, 2 of them of a Green visor, saw a 3rd Army patch (wool) in one of them. Then there is a pic of some ega's on a blue Marine pillow sham. Once again, my only hope was that he put the footlocker back in same condition as he found, and shipped. But it's oblivious, the wallet is gone and the misc. items still posted on his Ebay page. I honestly don't know what I will receive till it arrives, which will be Thursday. Given how he dealt with you and I, I'm afraid the lot will be shorted.

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Honestly that's all the pics I have, pretty much everything was verbal. He said it took too much time to send pics. Yes pretty much red flags all over the place, hit and miss. I took a hell of a chance, and that part is entirely my fault.

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No apologies necessary, all is fair in love and collecting... or something like that haha. My fear is that if you didn't get a photo of it then you won't get it. Still, hope springs eternal, and perhaps this guy will surprise us all and include everything.


Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed.


In the meantime I'll post the pics I have of what he sent me.



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