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My Fiancée and I were at an estate sale this weekend and I came across this box. Actually I literally tripped over it, because it was in the middle of the floor. Now I usually do not collect military boxes but this one caught my attention. What interested me was that it was some sort of Japanese box that had been repurposed as a shipping box. I also liked the fact that his military address and packing list were still legible and even found a second one on the inside lid. The cherry on the top was that he was part of the 713th Tank Battalion, I cannot believe what I am able to find at the estate sales in my area! I just wish I was able to have gotten some of other effects from his military service, but they were sold long ago.



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That is a great find. A lot of history on the sides of a box (although only us militaria loons might look at it that way).You wouldn't want to write the contents of a package on the outside these days although I imagine it may have been required in this instance.

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