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Flight nurse uniform

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I recently got a pair of pants, that i believe to be flight nurse. They are if the khaki material. Sadly all i have is the pants. I was wondering if anyone else has a pair, could you please post photos of them? So i can confirm or not? Thank you so much for the trouble!

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They are a bit odd. Nevertheless, you have a rare pair of slacks! The jackets and caps appear occasionally on epay, but the

slacks are usually missing. I would think they would bring a pretty good price if you decided to sell them.

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Awesome! Glad to hear! They are odd in the cut, they have the adjustable part in the front? At least the way the pockets face they suggest that?


Very nice pair of pants. The adjustable strap does go in the front. The following is from the Blitzkrieg website:


"The K-1 trousers were equipped with a zipper closure at the left side, an adjustable front waistband strap and two side pockets. "




There is a picture of the pants on page 160 of the book, "Women for Victory". I highly recommend this book and the book "Dressed for Duty" as reference material for women's uniforms.






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