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Upottery Airfield, Devon, England.


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This is the field which the 506th PIR / 101st Abn. Division...the fabled "Band of Brothers"...flew from on the eve of D-Day. It was the home base of the 439th Troop Carrier Group. Today, it's just a large farmer's field, but it was a hive of activity back in 1944. It's wartime role is commemorated by a small museum manned by volunteers and housed in one of the old Nissen huts (see photo) and a permanent memorial which is mounted upon the still standing brick-built chimney breast of one of the old airfield buildings. I attended a show there back in the summer.


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This M1 shell contains the signatures of some of the original "Band of Brothers".






wow...If he charged a £1 for everytime he showed someone his original named 506th helmet with all the signatures he could buy himself a small gete in Normandy...lol


I just wish he had got them to sign a book rather than an orignal helmet.... :rolleyes:





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