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Some South Dakota Military Museums and Sites


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This is the last photo from the South Dakota Air & Space Museum.


The museum was nice, the aircraft nicely kept considering the harsh summer and winter weather changes.


There was construction going on as the pics show, but no big deal. The nice thing was none of their aircaft were on a stick, there were some missles there (I didn't show the Nike), and you could walk all around and up to all the aircraft. They did a nice job represening the bombers, although I would have loved to see a B-58 (Pima and I think Omaha have those) as well as a B-47. They nicely show the aircraft the SDANG flew too.


If anyone has been inside the main museum please feel free to add to my posts.


Also, I have a lot of pics of all these aircraft, if anyone wants additional pics of any posted just let me know.




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And finally, there was a small military museum in the small town of Wasta, which is east of the Black Hills and Rapid City about 40 or so miles if memory serves me right.


As with all the other places here, I just did not have time to stop long enough to visit the inside displays, so I had to settle for the outdoor displays.


Wasta's museum had this fantastic A-4 Skyhawk. The thing was in just excellent condition overall, and a somewhat earlier model I believe, due to the lack of the hump back which carried extra electronics, at least in the later models.


There are very, very few (read NONE!) A-4 Skyhawks in the wild in the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest, so this A-4 was a pleasant surprise.


Its the last part of my thread on the South Dakota museums. There are no doubt others, I know the USS South Dakota is in Sioux Falls, which I have posted about a while ago in a different thread, there is a Wounded Knee museum I know of too.


If anyone knows more about this particular A-4 please post. I am curious about it. I have not yet had time to research this one and see where it came from and how it got to where it is.


Hope you have enoyed all this.



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Is there anything from Joe Foss in any of the museums?


I don't know, as noted I didn't have time to go in and view the displays in any of the museums, or they were clsoed by the time I got there.


I would have to assume that there was / is though, as famous as he was with his WW2 service and Medal of Honor, his being a co-founder of the South Dakota Air Guard, NFL history, etc.


A friend flew for the South Dakota Air Guard out of Sioux Falls for years, it is a fighter squadron there and I believe Foss flew there in Sioux Falls in the early years of the SDANG, so I would suspect in Sioux Falls there is something either at the unit to him or in the City somewhere.

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