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Some South Dakota Military Museums and Sites


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I recently drive through South Dakota and stopped at a number of military museum sites. I had not know there were this many, all along Interstate 90, all very easy to get to.


There are several sites I am going to be noting and posting pics of here. Unfortunately, at three of the four I could only check out the outside displays due to time constraints.


The first was the South Dakota Hall of Fame in Chamberlain. It overlooks the Missouri River, and is on the east side of the river. The have a few things on display as well as a really nice monument to those who have served.






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Next are some pics of a very new museum called the Minuteman Missile National Historical Site. It is actually a National Park Service run site and museum and yes, it is of a Minuteman missle launch site!


It was so newly opened that the displays were not even up and done yet inside the museum. The gift shop was open and had some excellent books, a movie room was open and had a basic film, then a couple small displays, then signs and posters for the future displays.


These pics are just of the visitor center. The site is one which requires more driving, as from the visitor center you can take guided tours or self guides tours of the actual missile silo with demilled missle in, and then of the control room where the missles were launched. One control center, which you can tour underground, controlled ten remote missles.


I had not know that part of one of the arms treaties, SALT or START, actually allowed for the preservation of a site for historical purposes.


It will be a very interesting site once its all done. I did not have time to go to the two remote sites. Another time, I will post pics then.




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