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"Puddie Kat's" Japanese bring back


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I picked this up a few weeks back at a Gettysburg PA antique store. Thought it would be a neat display stand for my USMC helmets.


In any event, this appears to be some kind of Japanese oxygen gear holder for pilots. I believe the Marine R.F. Coleman was wit the airwing as evidenced by the squadron insignia on the lid.


Pretty neat bring back made even better by the Marine's personalization.







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I know the squadron insignia Duke, but cannot for some reason remember it at the moment.


By the looks of the inner diagram, the box originally contained a respiration system for Japanese aviators?


What's the history on the fellow who's name is on the lid?

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Duke another nice find. I believe that insignia has something to do with El Torro right? I love shopping the antiques stores in Gettysburg and I am envious. By the way, I have a small grouping to a George F. Coleman who was also in the Marine air wing WWII as a Corsair pilot. He brought home a Japanese flag with his squadron signatures on it. Wonder if he is a relation? Your helmets will look great on this box. Kevin

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Sansoukoukyuuki = Oxygen Respirator




The top line just says its model 4 (the 4th modification)

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