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Anybody know anything about this knife?

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I have been collecting Homefront items and Anti-Axis propaganda for a long time and never had seen anything like this knife when I obtained it with several other American propaganda items from WWII. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this knife or knows anything about it? I would be interested as well if you have a thought on the possibility if its not American as it does not really portray the enemy in a neagtive way though I guess the images are not flattering ? Thanks, Jim




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My late father-in-law had one of these. Never said how he got it and I never thought to ask. He fought in the PTO during WWII. He later gave it to one of the grandsons shortly before he passed away. So, there's at least one more of these here in the States.

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Two thoughts on the possibilities:


1. Allied propaganda


Although the images of the dictators are not done in an insulting manner, I think the subtle suggestion of annihilation lies in the fact that these leaders are surrounded by Bombers....


Of course, there is option ...


2. Axis propaganda


Intention could be to show air superiority (in their minds) of the three nations. As an aside, the central aircraft on the reverse does resemble a JU-87 Stuka Dive Bomber, so.... think.gif



A very strange piece that does leave you wondering; it looks like it could be in support of either side, depending on your point of view.



BTW, and maker marks on the blade? That would tell you the nation of origin, and thereby give you your answer.

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Thanks for your help. I could not find any marking on the blade but am going to get my magnifying glass as my eyes arent the best anymore (several eye surgeries). I do agree when I first saw that plane on the back the first thing I thought was Stuka Dive Bomber so I agree on that as well. I am pleased to know one was in the possession of a Vet so it dates from WWII and not a later item.




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