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112th INF, 28th ID Germany Ike

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Got a tip from fellow member Longbranch on a great find on Ebay this week. A pretty normal looking Ike Jacket for 28th ID listed for cheap with blurry pictures. When the Ike arrived today it was much better than expected, and will make a welcome addition to my ever expanding 28th ID collection.


Thanks to Longbrach for looking out for a fellow collector!




Close review found German made DI's, Zipper modification, and Ribbon bar and PUC.




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Hi Firefighter,


thanks for your help.

I thought also that it was the occupational of WW1 but then it would be really strange on the jacket, since there are no European campaign ribbon?

and after looking a bit the colors of the ribbon do not exactly match the medal's? here's a pic of the actual medal:






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This is a nice 28th Jacket that dates from the time in Germany during the early 50's. The jacket itself is probably a WWII one, but the stripes and placement of crests are all postwar. The other ribbon in question does not appear to be the WWI Army of Occupation - the confusion on these is usually in the late WWII period.

If I had to guess, it's likely a state ribbon from the national guard or an organization of some kind.

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2. You didn't tick off the approval chain.
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I would say there is no way, that is a ww1 occupation medal. As for what it is i am unsure i did a good bit of hunting and can't seem to register what it is. Would be interested if someone knows

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