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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Are there any military, antique or vintage clothing shops around Philadelphia that are worth the while? As it would be nice to score some WWII memorabilia.
I couldn't really find anything online though.. As I will be around for a few days within two weeks and was hoping to visit some of these shops.

Looking forward to read some replies.

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I Goldberg on Chestnut St is a historic surplus store, mostly modern crap and Euro imports but still the occasional steal. It's been around forever and is a classic stop in the city if you're a history nerd.
Everything else is hit and miss, south street has some hipster stores which occasionally have a uniform or bag, but normally marked up.

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Barely any brick & mortar shops for just militaria. The only that I'm aware of is Bill Hope Military Collectibles in Cheltenham, PA (Borders Philly, although about 30 minutes from Center City, Philadelphia). He's by appointment only, though, so call him in advance. Lot's of goodies to pick through in his shop.


Address: 14 Central Ave, Cheltenham, PA 19012 Phone: 2152197852

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If looking for a place to hunt on the weekend, there is Renninger's in Adamstown, PA. Large outdoor/indoor antique flea market, open on Sunday's only. It's about a 90 minutes NW of Center City, Philly. Well worth the trip though. There's also about 100 other antique shops in the area. Right around the corner from Renninger's, is Shupp's Grove, an outdoor antique flea market. Try to get to both early.





In Center City, at 9th & Spring Garden, there is a indoor vintage flea market 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Haven't been, but have heard good things. There is an outdoor counterpart hosted by the same company in the NE section of Philadelphia. Details on both at the link below.




Good luck!


P.S. Not to sound cliche, however if you are coming here and looking to try a cheesesteak, do not go to Pat's or Geno's. Those places are for tourists. Go to Dalesandro's in the Roxborough section of Philly. You won't be disappointed. :D



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While you may not find much to buy, the area is loaded with historical sites.


You have a host of Revolutionary War sites both in the city and at Valley Forge. Independence Hall, Betsy Ross house, Ben Franklin "ghost house" (structure built over the site of the original), etc.


You also have the SpanAm cruiser USS Olympia parked next to the submarine Becuna in Philadelphia.






There is a modest aviation museum near what used to be Willow Grove Naval Air Station.



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