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Camp Meade Pennsylvania

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When I attended Penn State's branch campus in Middletown Pennsylvania, I passed the small blue historic marker for Camp Meade. Finally, on one spring day, I pulled over and read the story of how this camp was established in 1898 for the Second Army Corp. President William McKinley revised the troops there and it was apparently one of the larger staging areas during the War. The close access to railroad and the PRR's hub at Harrisburg meant that it was convenient for moving troops. It closed when the Second Corp moved its operations to the South but then was later used for mustering out of troops after the war as well as training for troops during the Philippine Insurrection.


I have hunted for items over the years relating to the Camp but relatively few well-documented pieces have turned up. Here are a few from my collection




A photo stamped "Camp Meade Pa/ Betts and Ferguson/Photographers/Harrisburg Pa. and Washington DC" The reverse has an ink inscription "Susquehanna river/ Co. G. Taking a bath"




This is printed piece of stationary provided by local businesses for soldiers to use.






This is a small elongated photograph that shows troops being reviewed at Camp Meade. Undated but I wonder if this is when McKinley came.The figure in the center on horseback appears to be wearing some kind of military hat which makes me doubt it was McKinley but would love to be proven wrong.






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The sign used to sit out on the edge of school property. Not sure if the snow plows may have taken it out. I gather that the high school was where the camp was located but it spilled down over the hill including parts of Penn State Harrisburg and possibly Frey Village. I am guessing that when the schools and Olmstead were built that much was destroyed.

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