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Need help with a WW1 troop ship question...

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Can anyone give me pointers on where to look for the name of the troop ship that took two Oregon boys from the 162nd to France (brothers, last name is Deetz, Edwin and Jonah)? I have looked at every source I could find online on WWI transport dates but am coming up empty. Any ideas?


I have their journey traced as follows:


With the Oregon National Guard, 2nd Bat., 162nd


Vancouver Barracks, mobilized on April 30, 1917

To Camp Withycombe, Clackamas, Oregon for training, dates unknown

To Camp Greene, NC on September 19, 1917

To Camp Mills, NY on October 22, 1917


Sailed for France from Hoboken, NJ on November 26, 1917 (this is strange because as you can see below, they then sailed back to England--why would they have sailed to France first for training then return back across the channel to England as below, and then back to France again to fight? It might have been a typo in the archives)


Sailed for England on December 13, 1917


Thank you much.





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The 162nd was part of the 81st Infantry Brigade of the 41st Division. An advance section from the Division left for France in the November 26th convoy. Most of the Division left Hoboken in a different convoy on December 12th. I can't explain the France/England anomaly.


Here is a description of the advance section that left on Nov. 26th from Annual Reports of the War Department, Volume 1, Part 3:






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I have seen the December convoy variously listed as leaving Hoboken on the 12th and the 14th. I can't explain that. You may want to check the ships of that convoy to see if the 162nd was aboard. The U.S.S. Leviathan left Hoboken for Liverpool, England, not France as stated above. It carried elements of the 41st Division's 82nd Brigade. I did not research the December convoy so I don't know whether it went to France as stated above or if it went England.


Good luck.






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